When more advanced weapons came along it was turned in, cleaned out inside, slopped over with grease and locked away in the armoury. Snider- Enfield Carbine Mk111 Rifle. There are also "Trade Pattern" Snider-Enfields, being Snider-Enfields made for private purchase by various English gun-makers. The swinging breech block slides perfectly on the side pin, without any rattling or deviation from its axis. Internally, it is as close to immaculate as you will ever encounter on a service weapon. 5 Mk 1 Jungle carbine Caliber 303 British Very good original condition All matching including stock and magazine Military canvas sling Bore is good with strong rifleing Manufactured ... DELUXE Richard JACKSON Snider-Enfield TRAPDOOR Infantry Rifle .577 Antique British Snider-Enfield Conversion Marked 1862/L.A. 3 photos. //-->, on 1870 Mk III Snider-Enfield Cavalry Carbine, 1870 Mk III Snider-Enfield Cavalry Carbine. Comments Off on 1870 Mk III Snider-Enfield Cavalry Carbine, Copyright © 2021 By Sword and Musket. The trials, development, rifle and carbine models are detailed; new information along with descriptions of the cartridges. The mechanism of the lock and trigger, plus the ejection device, are in crisp, excellent condition. Externally it looks just as a 148 year old service carbine would. In December Enfield was told to prepare sealed patterns of the Snider Enfield, and ten rifles were to be converted and 10,000 cartridges prepared. MkIII lock fitted with correct flat face hammer, engraved BSA Co. 1871 under broad arrow ordnance ownership mark with Crowned VR. 28 results for snider enfield. Arms & Militaria Collector, No. Hi Snider Enfield. The Snider saw service throughout the British Empire, until it was gradually phased out of front line service in favor of the Martini-Henry, in the mid-1870s. It looks to be quite the opposite – until further inspection is carried out. Total length is: 95cm. The Short Rifle has a 33 inch barrel and two barrel bands with iron furnitur… Target Gun, UK, June 1994.577 Snider-Enfield Rifles & Carbines - Ian Skennerton. Some people like their antiques nice and … The action operates by the shooter cocking the hammer, flipping the block out of the receiver to the right by grasping the left mounted breech block lever, and then pulling the block back to extract the spent case. Antique British .577 Snider-Enfield rifles and accessories for Sale. 7. Brass fittings (as the Mk111 was not made out of P1861 cavalry carbine, but the first of the purpose made sniders. BRITISH Antique ENFIELD-SNIDER Cavalry Carbine Description: BRITISH Antique ENFIELD-SNIDER Cavalry Carbine Unit Marked British Imperial MK III Dated “1892” Here we present an antique British Enfield Snider MK III Breech Loading Cavalry Carbine, made in 1870. Butt plate tang marked W.D plus V over IWWC 62. The Mk3 variant benefits from a steel barrel, and breech locking catch, replacing the former Mk1 'suicide breech'. .577 Snider Mk 3 ordnance issue Cavalry Carbine. Excalibur Publications, 1998. The Snider-Enfield was produced in several variants. Lock engrave VR and crown and dated 1870 with Enfield below complete with brass trigger guard and butt plate which is engraved with R4 A 5G. Sometimes a build up of old grease can act as an hinderance. The breech block houses a diagonally downward sloping firing pin struck with a front-action lock mounted hammer. Portuguese contract, lock stamped FA 1878. The Snider-Enfield Cavalry Carbine. The action was invented by an American, Jacob Snider, and adopted by Britain as a conversion system for the 1853 Enfield. The breech ring has the simple marking of “III” centrally placed. For sale, a very tidy .577 Mk3 Snider-Enfield Cavarly Carbine rifle. Lock marked Crown over VR and 1858 over ENFIELD. Nipple protector and chain A/F. The Snider-Enfield was also produced as a Carbine, being a shorter version of the full-length infantry rifle. This is producing a wider seam along the length of the underside of the plate. The Snider was a type of breech loading rifle. Gun: Snider-Enfield Mark III Cavalry Carbine Caliber:.577 Snider Serial Number: 1151 Condition: NRA Excellent (Antique Gun Condition Standards) Value: $1,150 to $1,300. The round plumb-brown barrel measures 19.1/4″ long and the trigger pull is 13.3/8″ to centre. Converted rifles retained the original iron barrel, furniture, locks and hammer. 20 of ".577 Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket & Snider-Enfield" (SAIS #20). / Enfield  and WD” roundel.