It is not unusual for concrete to develop shrinkage cracks during the curing stage. Superior Walls foundation systems meet code requirements efficiently and affordably while offering increased living space, lower energy costs, higher home value, and design flexibility. ACI states that water permeability is a direct function of the water/cement ratio (a lower w/c ratio results in lower permeability). ��U�#�W�mC/����Г2�n�䎎�d %�0S�;��IQ�@���1�����ѯ��]�`m�%��-�����,���u�C��.��A��+�>�Aw�b��M8+�.�����ֳ����EuX����IѴ*�T����-�%����ޡ� %PDF-1.5 %���� IMPORT_JS("http://"+webAppHostname+"/app/static/white_label/wl.custom/"+prodDef.wl_name+"/js/global_footer.js"); A. (�n]gG�wA�b��]�w���n�Y�.�?���� Since 1981, over 85,000 foundations have been installed without any additional coating, and still remain dry and warm. The ditches are shallow and will act as canals for run-off water. ... By submitting this form, you are granting Superior Walls Manitoba, 974 Selch Street, Box 939, Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada R0E 0C0 permission to email you. window.document.write("